London: Somerset House

A must visit whilst in London. Head to Embankment – home to some amazing views over the Thames but also to some great places of interest.

Month of July 2014 – we visited Somerset House, a place which transforms regularly for events and exhibitions alike, done brilliantly well.

With a great vibe in the evenings and a place where you can also grab a drink…in the sunshine this is a great place to be.


This month we popped into the Return of the Rudeboy Exhibition…


which paid homage to the fashion and culture of Jamaicans in the 50s when they came and migrated to the UK.


It was nice to hear not only the music but see things I recognised from my grandparents…my grandfather in particular. The music he played, the pride in which he took to dress so pristine and of course that hat, those shoes and those clothes!





It’s amazing how familiar these looks are today. In artists such as and Tinie Tempah to name just a few…

The Exhibition is on until 25th August so go and check it out

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