Secrets of Soho: Black History Walks in London

If you’re ever visiting London and want to know how Black History is embedded in the History of the streets of London, you must try out a brilliant walking tour by the Secrets of Soho: Black History Walks Team.

There are five different tours running through popular areas such as Notting Hill, Soho and St Paul’s. The tours last two hours and walk you through and past some major landmarks and some hidden but important points of interest.

The tours are run by Tony who has a plethora of knowledge and information pointing out some real gems, reliving moments in time of some insightful, inspirational things that happened right here in the streets of London.

I went on the Soho walk on October 7th starting near Russell Square and ending near Oxford Street. I almost didn’t want it to end, Tony really makes it both an engaging and interactive experience.

Learn more about Black British heroes, important but less familiar people such as Learie Constantine MBE who was just as important to the civil rights movement here in the U.K. alongside what happened later that decade in the US who feature icons we all tend to be familiar with.

The tours run three times a month and tickets are available via Eventbrite. See more information about the next walks coming up this year:  Black History Walks 

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