London: Royal Academy of Arts Visit – Belvedere Legends of Martini Experience

A few weeks ago I spotted something on Facebook that caught my eye. I’ve been searching for different sorts of events in London when this caught my eye…


We were ushered into an exhibition room and giving a book of not only information but about the history of Martini and those associated with it… There were poems about each part of the exhibition where you had to Match the celebrity to the display…some of the displays were much more fun than others ( the giant Martini glass that you can sit in! Etc)


After spending some time here we entered the Belvedere Bar which had a stunningly lit selection of bottles on the wall with some hilarious martini related quotes! Looking around there were other groups of twos all being sat down at the bar.




We were introduced to our fantastic knowledgeable bar tender, Anthony. He taught us the basic make up of the classic martini before letting us sample a dry, wet and Reverse Vespa type and adding in the extra dirty martini ( brine of olives)





I do sort of wish it lasted longer but I can confirm I now know much more about martinis and the fact that I’m a shaken not stirred girl! At the end of the experience and finishing all four drinks… I was well on my way to almost feeling a tad tipsy!

This fun experience runs at the Royal Academy of Arts Until Aug 31st. Tickets available here: Belvedere Legends of Martini Tickets

Looking forward to a few more of these events!

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