London: Free From Food Festival

Due to learning a large number of friends and family have now identified themselves as either lactose intolerant or have an aversion to perhaps wheat, sugar etc. We’ve always been interested into foods which take into consideration these things….

Today we popped into the Free From Food Festival which was a small Pop-up in BLNK in N1.

With some live music …

and a handful of stores offering some great stuff.





I walked away semi – stuffed with samples but also a bag full of bought goodies!



In our particular purchases – here’s a snapshot!

There was a selection of mince pies and rice cakes from: The foods of Athenry family bakery &

The meat pies and quiche from:

Seed and nut mix perfect as snack or with granola! From: mini magoo’s and some raw organic chocolate.

Chocolate with supplements from: livesmart 360 Chocolates.

Selection of cakes etc from: Antilia Delights

Selection of cooking sauces from: isola bio

And of course some mulled wine from: latypiquewines

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