How I travelled Beyond the Waterfall for some cocktails in London

In December, we indulged on another pop up experience in London, but this time, this pop up was a partnership between Westfield London and experiential agency Bompas & Parr.

They specialise in “ground breaking flavour based concepts” and This experience was named Beyond the Waterfall, A cocktail Odyssey, so you can forgive me for booking this and not knowing anything about exactly what I’d signed up for! I just knew it would be enjoyable. 

A video of my experience can be found at the end of this post! 

Whilst waiting in the queue, you are handed a sheet with a map, a list of the cocktails and also a disclaimer. Yes, a disclaimer! With a sneak peek through the window you see people in boats, you then realise you may just be passing a waterfall after all, compose yourself Lerease! 

Once inside you are guided in by a lovely mermaid lady from another world who asks you to sign her visitor book.

You visit the cloakroom and are given silver which you’ll need in order to secure your gifts on your journey… 

You enter this room of magical fantasy, with water and mist, alcoholic mist!  Here you are presented with a boat and the offer of a poncho. You row through the water (and the alcoholic mist) to exchange your silver treasures given to you by the mermaid in exchange for your first cocktail.

Once beyond the waterfall, once you work out which way to row in fits of laughter,  you are greeted by a charming man who tells you an old fable and how to warn off evil ending with you drinking your first cocktail. 

Apparently we were supposed to take a sip, but being the cocktail Connoisseur’s we are, down in one! 

Behind the curtain you are then transported into a bar, complete with mermen, a punch on arrival, shown to our seats and then given a choice of five cocktails.

 These included

Floating Gold: Cognac, Ambergris, Gold Leaf Sugar Crystal and Cremant

Sea Air: Deep Sea Sake, Plum Sake and Sea Cucumber, Citrus and Fennel Pollen Sake served with sea air.

The Old Man & The Sea: Rum, Rye, Sweet Vermouth, Maraschino, Benedictine and Bitters

Shipwreck Sour: Shipwreck cider brandy, coral calvados, creme de peche, lemon juice, egg white and bitters.

Cthulhu Margarita: Giant Squid ink, Tequila, Mezcal, Lime, Mandarin and Petitgrain Agave Syrup and seaweed salt rim.

All incredibly distinctive and unique!

The experience was enjoyable, incredibly unique, wowed and surprised us all, as they didn’t give the game away before hand and I can’t wait for their next instalment, the Event Manager in me was impressed. And the question you are all wondering? Did anyone drop in the water? Yes! Thankfully not us. 

Here’s a video of our time at Beyond the Waterfall! 

Have you been to an immersive pop up like this? Been to a Bompas and Parr experiential event before? Do you know any that are coming up in London soon? Let me know! 

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