Birmingham: Girl’s Overnight Trip


We decided on a short overnight stay trip to celebrate a 30th birthday with 10 Ladies and chose Birmingham as a destination.

The day started off in Sunny Queens Park, in London’s NW6 with a very necessary breakfast at Jack’s. Never a disappointment and great fuel for a long day ahead!

2014-12-19 10.28.04

We then took the overground train from Queens Park to Euston which took 13 minutes.

I managed to take advantage of Virgin trains great deal using their fare finders for single tickets and managed to get each person two singles for a bargain £15! We travelled at off peak times as we were aware it was the final Friday before Christmas.

The station was incredibly busy and had the carol singers in!

2014-12-19 11.40.08

We arrived into Birmingham and jumped straight into a taxi to our hotel.

We chose the Thistle Birmingham City to stay in as we secured a really good deal on 5 rooms. The Lobby is relatively small but we were greeted by a friendly front of house staff. The hotel was probably a 3 star and it’s probably due a refurbishment ( I particularly hate shower curtains! ) but the rooms were clean and warm with everything you needed.

2014-12-19 14.19.06 2014-12-19 14.18.40

Once we unpacked, we took a taxi to Bannatynes Health Spa on Hurst Street. Not really an impressive first impression from outside but again the staff were really friendly. We had prebooked some massage treatments with but also wanted to check out their other treatments.

Once taken down to the spa area, it was a much nicer atmosphere / decor etc.

2014-12-19 14.59.56

Off we went to get changed into our swim gear and we had all purchased the bag, robe and slippers for £3 from reception.

I was first up for our massages which were 25 minutes which felt much longer. The masseuse was great and after she gave us a list of recommendations and products to try which was handy.

We then entered the spa facilities which had a pool, hydro pool, steam, sauna and relaxation room.

2014-12-19 16.45.39 2014-12-19 15.35.53

I immediately joined the rest of the girls in the hydro pool but was shocked at the fact there maintenance work going out. They were emptying out the drains – loudly might I add. Wasn’t really the relaxing atmosphere I had in mind.

We popped into the steam room but it was incredibly small so we spent most of our time in the hydro pool and then followed by the relaxation room where we waited for everyone to finish their massages.

We left and decided to find a quick bite to eat and found a table big enough for us all in a very busy bar around the corner. We ate and did the 7 minute walk back to the hotel.

Once in we had an hour or so to all get washed, dressed and get in two taxis to the Arcadian Centre where I had made reservations for 9pm at Miyako Teppanyaki. It’s a Japanese restaurant where they cook on a hot plate and the chefs create an exciting dining experience with fire and lots of noise! Perfect for ten women! ( Selfie Stick in tow)

2014-12-20 03.29.32

We got there and they did have us waiting for 30 minutes. The experience however was great! Our chef really did entertain us.

2014-12-19 23.43.222014-12-19 21.42.51 2014-12-19 21.47.29 2014-12-19 21.47.33 2014-12-19 21.50.06 2014-12-19 22.14.40 2014-12-19 22.13.42 2014-12-19 23.15.50 2014-12-19 23.16.21

After the starters and main however, they sort of forgot about us! ( we were the last in the restaurant) we had to call several times for someone to come out and finally they brought two birthday desserts out, followed by ours – finally

We left there and was about to search for a bar when we noticed Mono Bar right next door. Two Ciroc bottles later and we were home at 4am!

2014-12-19 23.52.01 2014-12-19 23.51.51 2014-12-19 23.51.54 2014-12-19 23.52.11 2014-12-20 00.30.13 2014-12-20 01.12.46

Upon returning to the hotel we were told room service was still in play. Ordered it and was told they only had pizzas and that we must pay in cash. I did ask was there no way we could put it on our rooms and they said No. A little disappointing if you ask me, with no cash points around. Luckily we all had enough cash to cover it.

Next morning we went down to breakfast. They had the normal selection of cooked hot breakfast ( eggs, bacon, sausages, mushrooms, has Browns etc) and then continental bits and breakfast cereals. I did ask for a green tea but was told they didn’t have any!

We then checked out, waited for some taxis and watched a bridal procession walk into the lobby as we left to catch our train at Birmingham New Street!

Great weekend had by all – another city next time!

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