A day at Ascot Dubai Shergar Cup 2016

Ascot Dubai Shergar Cup

For the third year in a row, I’ve been a guest at the Ladies Who Lunch networking soiree at Ascot for the Dubai Shergar Cup. In the best possible way I know how – in a box, with champagne,  surrounded by successful women in business. 

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Ascot turns into a summer festival with fairground rides, bars and restaurants and thankfully each year we’ve been lucky enough to have stunning weather each time we’ve attended this event in August. 

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The Boxes are located at the far end of Ascot Racecourse, perfectly situated next to where the concert after the races takes place and have an uninterrupted view of the racecourse with its very own balcony. 

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The day starts at Midday with a champagne reception, where you receive your information booklet about the upcoming races, the jockey and the horses, it’s then time for you to place your first bet. Although many will argue factors such as the age of the horse, when it last raced, many will just pick based on their affiliation to the name of the horse or even the colour the jockey is wearing. The odds can be in anyones favour – so bet however you want as the favourites don’t always end first. 

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There are six races, equally spaced out with enough time for us to have a sumptuous meal and network in between each race and get to know each other. 

Our starter was a cured wild salmon, yuzu gel, slow cooked crab, avocado puree and radish

2016-08-06 19.07.38

The main, stone bass, confit fennel, creamed potatoes, lemon beurre blanc

2016-08-06 19.08.22

Dessert was a strawberry and lemon orb, dehydrated yoghurt cake and basil.

2016-08-06 19.08.38

Later that afternoon a selection of cheeses and an afternoon tea to round off the day. 


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Take it from me, you can make bets from as little as £2, so there’s no need to gamble away your house! My tip would be to draw out some money and have that as your limit for the day and use your winnings as monopoly money, or be unlike me and be responsible and put your winnings somewhere safe! Take my advice and go “each way” that way you’ll win if your horse becomes 1st, 2nd or 3rd. So it’s less risky but a great way to ” win” in some way… 

2016-08-19 14.18.13

After the end race, it’s time for everyone to head downstairs to the concert ( They’ve had everyone from Gabrielle to the Fun Loving Criminals) but we tend to leave at 4:30ish and head back home but it’s nice you can benefit from two events in one. 

Overall it’s a great day out, a lot of fun and if the sun’s shining it can be one of the top things to do in the UK. 

If you’re interested in networking with like minded empowered women and want to find out more about the exciting roster of events all year round, please visit Ladies Who Lunch  and speak with the amazing founder, Sandy Parris. 




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