Why you NEED to stay at Malmaison this year

Affordable Luxury is my thing but there has to be something special in the places I visit. Maybe its quirky, minimalist or modern design or just something that stands out from the rest and this hotel embodies that to a tee! Event Management is my day job and eight years ago, I was tasked with managing several breakfast and evening events around most of the large cities in the UK with an overnight stop for us staff of course, in a hotel.  The first stop was Birmingham and I stumbled upon a small boutique hotel chain called Malmaison. There the love grew! Every City we visited, had a branch which made my job a hell of a lot easier, and after our first event attendees and my boss attended the event at Malmaison Hotel Birmingham, Kudos were sent my way for my choice of venue. We visited Malmaison Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle andLiverpool. It quickly became my favourite UK boutique Hotel and I have since been back on occasions for social trips, my fav so far being Manchester. 2015-08-19 13.31.22

  • Mal’s tag line is Dare to be different which sums up their brand completely

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  • The Mal way of Life, they very much have an identity with a quirky personality

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  • Their room service is fantastic, the Mal Brasserie is also worth visiting for those all important meal times. ( Including Afternoon Tea & Sunday Lunch)

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  • The Mal Bar, which is in some locations, don’t be afraid to suggest your favourite cocktail if it isn’t on the menu. You are amongst some talented members of staff who will whip up something similar on request.

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Malmaison Liverpool: Credit: Google Images
Malmaison Liverpool: Credit: Google Images


  • Most branches are in unique / iconic locations. For example, Mal Oxford was actually a prison, that was renovated into a 95 bedroom hotel, leaving the landing as the original prison decor! Very much a talking point.
MalmaisonOxford Image Credit: Google Images
  • Some branches have an added extra of a spa. A very cool one!
  • Every member of staff I’ve encountered have gone above and beyond, which is easy to understand when the philosophy around people being their most protected asset is clearly communicated through their staff and the reason why they’ve won various accolades I’m sure…but its what makes you feel like you’ve picked the right place to stay.


  • Most branches have great meeting space if you are looking for an interesting space to hold a meeting or an event of some form, which breaks the mould of your normal boring hotel based events, try them out. ( and of course their impressive catering)


  • Malmaison have amazing deals throughout the year, check below for the latest deals!

2015-08-19 16.59.07    They normally have deals such as;

  • Sunday Stopovers: Spend £75 in the brasserie and stay for just £25
  • CityBreaks: Two Course Dinner, Continental Breakfast and overnight stay for £99

I managed to grab a bargain on Virgin Trainsin August for £20 each way, using theirsingle fare finder.

Also – Malmaison Brighton just opened! If there’s one thing you do this year, find some time to indulge.

Mal currently have a summer deal for bookings before Aug 31st! Room, Cocktail & Breakfast. More Info here

Trust me you’ll love it. I’ll be hitting up some of the destinations I’ve not been to yet, this year, for sure! Have you visited a Malmaison already? Where was your favourite destination?

Company Info Malmaison is a member of the Fraser Hospitality Group who own a number of high end serviced apartments, residences and boutique Hotels ( such as Hotel Du Vin) around the globe.

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