New York 2013


As part of my sisters 25th Birthday Celebration, New York has always featured on her list ( we’ve all been before!) She’s a shopaholic so it made perfect sense…

We flew via Heathrow straight to JFK courtesy of Virgin Atlantic.

We arrived at JFK airport at midday on Saturday and joined the queue for immigration, which lasted an Hour and 40minutes! Probably partly down to the fact their regime involves taking your fingerprints digitally and a photograph …the second down to not being efficient. Surely when more flights arrive everyone should be on the desks…(Even Tesco do it, large queues they open another till.)

Once at the airport we were met by our taxi driver for the week, Bobby! He took us straight to Manhattan, Times Square. We were staying at the Marriott Marquis Hotel.



Lobby Was pretty impressive with a birds eye view from each floor. Room was a great size, with a fantastic view, the bed was incredibly comfortable, I’d have happily taken it home.

After the quickest unpack known to man ( no, I’m very good at this) my cousins from Virginia turned up at the door!

We ventured out into Times Square, A sea of craziness, hustling and people from around the world! It just so happened to then bucket down with rain and there was that guy selling umbrellas, right on queue. It was at that moment,  We struck a deal

After a discovery walk bumping into the colourful characters of Times Square ( I saw the full line up of Disney, Sesame Street and about 3 statue of liberty’s, 2 transformers and 1 man with a pink rat),




We freshened up and travelled up to the 48th floor to try out The View Restaurant. It’s USP: it rotates, slowly thankfully! Service was good, food was good, it’s roughly $79 for the prix fixe menu, so bear in mind with drinks you could be looking at about $130 each ( especially if you take the lovely champagne cocktail they offer you!)

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From there we met up with the elders and went to catch a taxi downstairs, which somehow ended up being a limousine. ( what am I? 16? Did I ever like these things? Lol) however with 12 of us I can understand the choice.


Off we want to Club 40/40 ( Mr Jay-Z’s club). 20130512_000057

We got shown to an area and naturally got involved with some drinking and dancing… gotta say though, at this point we’d been up for 27 hours and at this point some of us were feeling it! Needless to say, we lasted till 3am. We did get to witness some drama, a punch up between the bar man and another guy, over in 10.5 seconds…handbags! But it woke us up at least.

The next day we woke up and missed breakfast, so had Lunch at Junior’s which happened to be across the road.


I’ve heard this place is renowned for it’s cheesecake so I ordered the red velvet one for us to share. It was lovely! But almost too much, there was no way both me and Shalina would have finished that door stopper of a slice!

20130512_114121 20130512_141220

We then did the short drive over to Mount Vernon for my Uncle’s house for a BBQ. Mount Vernon reminds me a lot of England. Quaint detached houses on a quiet tree lined road.

Next day, we headed out early, over to Woodbury Common, the premium shopping outlet with all outlets such as Gucci, Michael Kors, Converse…Well worth visiting, the map is a pile of crap, but if you go make sure you go to the customer service centre and get your coupon book before you start.


It works to plan your trip around the outlet, We used two maps, marked all shops and the route to them so we didn’t miss anything out. We made a brief stop for some food and indulged in a steak n cheesy fries bowl – lovely! 4pm finished.

Back to Mount Vernon briefly to freshen up and off we drove downtown for my sister’s actual birthday dinner.

The dinner was being held at Club 21.20130513_220300This place was intimate and lowly lit with lots of paraphernalia hanging from the ceiling from all the well known people who have eaten here. Atmosphere and service was great, after a nightcap at the bar, back home we headed.

Next morning we got up early,  checked out, stored our bags and asked one of the bell boys where the best place to get breakfast was. He recommended Hotel Edison, said it wasn’t fancy but it was good and well priced!

It was like an old school diner complete with Old characters who served you. I ordered choc chip pancakes and sausage and eggs, when the pancakes arrived I was like jeezuzzz! It was all too much.. lol but lovely! Highly recommend, but uh probably 1 lot to share… NOT 1 each!

As we finished the others arrived and we headed down to 34th street, on the way down we encountered the 2.99 earring shop and got sidetracked! We then walked to Macy’s and then to  get some souvenirs.

Now the decision was to attempt to take these guys to Harlem or the Bronx, I decided on Harlem which was closer… got our metro cards, swiped through and onto the subway uptown. We gave ourselves 1 HOUR to look around and buy stuff, it was a challenge to say the least!


The boys were in their element, sneaker shop after sneaker shop. Once one of the girls saw we had a Macy’s bag her line was ” Ooo y’all shop in Macy’s which means yall have money, so I’ll help yall!” She pretty much tried to sell me the whole shop. We power walked it back to the subway, got back to times square, rushed to the sweetie shop, for everyone to get their Twizzler’s etc and made it back to Bobby in the hotel lobby only 5 mins late! Result if you ask me!

And it was Bye to New York once again – I’ll be back to over indulge in food and buy things at much reasonable prices again soon!

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