City Guide: Mykonos, Greece

A City Guide to Mykonos

Destination: Mykonos, Greece

Date of Travel: 9th June – 16th June

Airline: EasyJet

Flight Time: 3 hours 30 minutes

Duration: 7 nights, 8 days

Language: Greek /p>

Currency: Euros.

Departing: London Gatwick

Weather: Warm / Hot

Reason for Trip: Birthday Trip

Number of Party: Two

City Guide: Mykonos, Greece

Operation Relax, was the motive for this trip. Most people’s reaction? Mykonos?Relax? No way! … It’s Party Central! I can now debunk that rumour! This beautiful Island is not only host to some amazing parties, but also some incredible scenery, beautiful food and friendly people. I booked my trip with Voyage Prive’ ,it’s the first time I’ve used their services and we managed to book a great deal including Flights, Return transfers from the airport, Free massage, Free Dinner and Welcome Drink on arrival.Everything lived up to my expectations and most importantly they delivered everything they said they would. We arrived at the airport after a slight delay and was greeted by a friendly transfer driver, the transfer to our hotel was a quick 15 minutes. We were staying at Saint John Hotel & Villas ( Most locals refer to it just as Saint John) but arriving at night meant we didn’t really see the real beauty of this place until the next morning. 2016-06-09 22.28.29 2016-06-09 20.28.41 2016-06-09 20.29.19 2016-06-09 20.40.15 2016-06-09 23.13.332016-06-10 10.26.32 2016-06-10 10.27.01 2016-06-10 10.32.11 2016-06-10 10.32.21 2016-06-10 13.12.33 2016-06-10 13.12.51 2016-06-10 13.13.04 2016-06-10 13.13.17-1 2016-06-10 13.13.56 2016-06-10 15.30.00 2016-06-10 15.30.06-1 2016-06-10 15.32.39 2016-06-16 13.27.21 2016-06-16 12.00.21 We had a wonderful three course dinner, followed by some drinks and a well overdue sleep! I was greeted by a massive birthday cake when I entered the room too. 2016-06-09 21.14.58 2016-06-09 20.47.02 In the morning, we had breakfast and explored our resort. Stunning, peaceful and perfect for those sun worshippers. In the evenings, the hotel runs a free shuttle for their guests to Mykonos Town every hour from 7pm, the last returning from the town at 11:30pm, alternatively you can catch a taxi which the staff can arrange for you, which costs €10. Our first visit to Mykonos Town I thoroughly enjoyed, it was full of life, with these beautiful white buildings, white floors with paths mapped out with stepping stones. A plethora of Restaurants, Bars and Shops all open until late. A sure visit to the Windmills that sit next to the water is a must visit, we did this both in the day and night. 2016-06-10 20.22.10 2016-06-11 16.21.12 That night we ate at a place called Music Cafe which is near the Old Port side of the town starting the night of with a feast! 2016-06-10 21.33.11 2016-06-10 20.22.22 HDR-2 2016-06-10 21.33.20 2016-06-10 21.46.10 2016-06-11 16.17.39 2016-06-11 21.16.25 The next day we ate at Katerina’s, a sure spot to see the most amazing sunset. There are only three tables outside so I strongly suggest you book in advance for these once you’ve checked what time sunset is. In the warmer months, whilst waiting for the sun to go down, it can be very hot indeed though. 2016-06-11 16.50.142016-06-11 17.01.352016-06-11 17.19.452016-06-11 17.19.492016-06-11 18.36.48 Cocktails in Mykonos are pricy, ranging from €12 – €15 so be prepared, but a bottle of either prosecco or Wine can still be reasonable so check both out. The next day we purchased some tickets for the Delos Tour, which includes a Boat trip from the Old Port and Entry into Delos. Delos is an ancient city on a neighbouring island, which is one of the largest archaeological sites in Europe. You’ll be amazed how much of it is still in tact and with a team still restoring many parts of it, its a very interesting place to visit. Our guide was called Merrilyn and she was fantastic! She was both informative and fun and I would highly recommend her. Be mindful Delos has hardly any shade, so bear this in mind in the warmer months. 2016-06-12 09.15.422016-06-12 09.18.03-12016-06-12 09.18.112016-06-12 09.34.252016-06-12 10.10.072016-06-12 10.51.252016-06-12 10.58.492016-06-12 10.58.562016-06-12 11.23.41 That evening, we didn’t go as far as the Town and stopped off at a local gem called Joanna Niko’s place. Not a flash place by any means, but a locally family run place by an lovely lady called Joanna ( who speaks both Fluent English and Greek) . The food is great, the staff are great, Prices are great and well when you see THAT sunset view you’ll understand why so many people frequent this place situated right on the beach. 2016-06-12 17.50.322016-06-12 18.11.262016-06-12 18.11.282016-06-12 18.52.312016-06-12 20.16.122016-06-12 20.25.182016-06-12 20.39.022016-06-12 20.47.40 The day after we arrived in Mykonos we enquired with our Concierge about going on an overnight trip to Santorini. They kindly sent someone to the port to buy the tickets on our behalf ( I’d advise you to check both legs of your tickets to ensure they have the right date!) On the 13th, We took up the offer of a transfer to the new port, and waited for one of the High Speed ships to arrive. We were booked onto Seajets. It’s worth bearing in mind that sometimes these boats aren’t always on time, but when they do arrive, listen out for the shout about it’s destination and move with the crowd straight onto the boat. You’ll be entering on one side, whilst the people getting off exit on the other side. Your baggage is stored on the ground floor, you’ll then need to head upstairs to the seating areas. There are different areas if you have booked a Premium or Business ticket, so if you see a member of staff, it might be worth just checking where you should sit. There are toilets, TVs and a shop on board. More info about routes here2016-06-13 09.56.362016-06-13 10.01.472016-06-13 10.04.46

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The journey to Santorini was three hours ish. Once we arrived, our transfer was there to pick us up to drive us to Oia. The traffic was quite bad so it took a while. We then arrived near the bus station in Oia. We had booked an Airbnb Caldera House only the night before which thankfully had been approved. It was a gorgeous traditional house with ModCons built into the cliff side with a stunning view of the Caldera. We quickly learned the path to our house was also the hot spot to take photos! 2016-06-13 14.33.072016-06-13 14.54.52 2016-06-13 15.09.37 2016-06-13 15.09.58-22016-06-13 15.36.182016-06-13 15.55.212016-06-13 16.16.322016-06-13 16.21.072016-06-13 16.35.332016-06-13 16.39.11 Santorini is stunning with a myriad of White buildings like in Mykonos, but with a slower pace of life and a LOT more stairs. Once we were unpacked, we headed out to explore and get a quick snack in the shape of PitasGyros, 2016-06-13 13.58.08 a lovely classic greek snack of pita break with Tzatzikhi, your chosen meat of Pork, Chicken and Lamb. That night, our AirBnb hosts Tina & Fanis arranged a reservation at the fish restaurant Ammoudi, in the Ammoudi Bay which is at the bottom of the cliff. Our friendly Porter Tim convinced us to take “The stairs” the 300+ stairs. Not the easiest task in pretty sandals. With trainers and gym kit yes, but be prepared to dodge the odd Donkey! Probably worth noting its €10 in a taxi! 2016-06-13 17.40.492016-06-13 17.52.162016-06-13 17.52.182016-06-13 19.27.232016-06-13 19.27.272016-06-13 20.59.162016-06-13 20.09.122016-06-13 21.00.392016-06-13 21.14.16 That evening, we admired our view and enjoyed our apartment before having breakfast and departing in the morning back to the port, this time to catch the Hellenic High Speed ( which was late! but gave us enough time to have another Gyros at the port) back to Mykonos. 2016-06-14 05.51.132016-06-14 07.28.072016-06-14 09.00.43 Once back in Mykonos, We went to Koursaros restaurant to celebrate my birthday. A Gorgeous restaurant with 5 star service and with my favourite monochrome interior design. 2016-06-14 18.12.112016-06-14 18.15.192016-06-14 18.42.082016-06-14 19.48.082016-06-14 19.48.112016-06-14 20.04.132016-06-14 21.35.05 The other restaurant we visited that week was Hippie Fish, which is walking distance from Saint John Hotel. This place is a Beach Bar and Restaurant, which has both formal and informal eating areas and is a great place to see the starting of the sunset before it disappears in front of the Windmills.This is a place I could easily spend the whole day, and with a mix between casual and a smart/ casual vibe in the evening, you can see how this is easily done! Great Choice for our final meal in Mykonos. 2016-06-15 17.46.102016-06-15 18.11.122016-06-15 18.37.342016-06-15 18.37.432016-06-15 19.22.432016-06-15 19.34.422016-06-15 19.38.36 HDR2016-06-15 21.23.06 I didn’t experience any of the beaches ( party beaches included) or any of the bars for a bit of music and some dancing, so I’d definitely go back to sample a lil of this. Overall a great destination to visit with friends or with your partner. Lots of great eateries amongst a number of budgets and The Cyclades Islands are undoubtably one of the most beautiful picturesque places you can visit. I’ll definitely be back with perhaps a visit to one or two more of the islands. Here’s a video that sums up all the above! 2016-06-11 12.34.53 HDR2016-06-15 15.38.45 See my visit to Rhodes earlier this year here. Have you been to one of the Cyclades islands in Greece? Which was your favourite? Have you been to Mykonos? Is there anything that was a must – do?

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  1. Hi Lerease,

    I loved reading about your trip to Greece, and I would like to visit soon. I have so many questions. Did you stay at the Saint John the. entire time? I read that the hotel provided a shuttle to Mykonos, how long was the ride? Was English widely spoke?

    1. Hi Tanya, thanks for reading. We stayed at Saint John the whole time except the two days in Santorini. The shuttle was 15 minutes. English was spoken everywhere.

  2. Really enough of your beautiful pictures !! It seems that spent very beautiful! The only advice I can give you is to rent a boat in Mykonos and make a cruise !!

  3. Wonderful images and experience, thank you for sharing! Perhaps I missed it, but just curious what was the total cost of your journey (except the meals), but for the accommodations, island hop and air?

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