Just over 48 hours in Sicily

I’ve wanted to visit Sicily for a long time! My Dear friends wedding in Cefalu finally gave me that reason, so I headed there for a whistlestop tour!

Probably worth noting, that Sicilian is indeed different than Italian. There are a huge number of other influences in the Sicilian language such as Greek and Arabic, so it’s certainly different, than the latin form of Italian you maybe familiar with.

I flew from London Luton straight to Palermo with EasyJet ( Speedy boarding Crew – Whoop!)  with a cool two hours and 25 min flight. Cefalu was my final destination, and is roughly two hours from Palermo and you do have an option to take the Prestia e Comande bus, but I opted for the train, which leaves directly underneath the airport.

Once landed and through security, you’ll see the Trains sign pointing to the left. Down there you’ve got a Trenitalia Ticket machine otherwise known as Biglietti. You can select your language and it’s pretty straight forward!

Image result for Italy ticket machine

The airport train station is called Punta Raisi and I selected a ticket all the way to Cefalu ( With a change at Palermo Centrale).

Massive Note, you MUST validate your ticket before you board the train, there is unfortunately no excuses for this oversight, the machines look like this.

You put the ticket vertically into the widest black entry point, but closest to the left hand side. It’ll make a noise and will have stamped your ticket, like this.

Image result for validating your train ticket in italy

For the first train from the airport, Palermo Centrale is this train’s final stop, once off the train, look out for S.Agat Mili station on the departures board, or just remember your train time and head to the respective platform. You’ll now take this train direct to Cefalu.

The journey is pretty scenic and if you stay away from busy commuting times, it’ll be a pretty quiet train ride. Each train is between 50 mins and an hour roughly.

Once in Cefalu, the town is literally a 10 -15 min walk, depending on where you are staying.

This trip I booked a family run apartment called Pepito Palace, right in the centre, complete with a very cute balcony. They also make you a contintental breakfast each morning. My room was Kefale’ and they very kindly showed me the Suite room also. My host spoke zero english, and we actually loved it, it was great to somehow communicate successfully!

The town is gorgeous with cute compact cobbled streets, with cars still squeezing down them. There is of course a Central Cathedral in the Duomo and a sandy beach all surrounded by lovely restaurants, shops and bakeries.

I advise you eat loads of good Sicilian food, ensuring there’s some fresh seafood thrown in, snack on an Arancini ball and follow up with a Cannoli. Cannoli’s are Italian pastries. They are tube-shaped shells of fried pastry dough filled with a sweet filling, or ricotta. I naturally had one filled with ice – cream and one filled with Ricotta. It’s a Sicilian requirement you have one!

I found cash to still be king in Cefalu, so was glad I exchanged / drew out some money. ( Good old Monzo!)

I visited a number of restaurants and bars such as, Al Gabbiano, Al Porticciolo, Maljik Beach and Tentazioni. All Fab!

Have you been to Sicily? Is Cefalu on your visit list or would you recommend somewhere else?

Lerease x

4 Comments on “Just over 48 hours in Sicily”

  1. I love Cefalu one of my favourite spots in the world.

    Lerease you need to try some other spots in Sicily.

    There’s so much to see in Palermo and Taormina is gorgeous just very crowded in the town.

    I haven’t been to southern Sicily yet but I’ve heard wonderful things about it.

    Lou x

    1. Thank you so much for inviting me to this part of the world for your special day Lou!We had such a lovely time. I look forward to visiting the rest of the places you suggest as well. I can see why you wanted to come here.. .

      Lerease x

  2. Lovely, the streets look pretty and the all the food looks tasty too. 🤗

    Never been – but I’d considered doing a trip to Sicily when I went to Malta – its a popular full day boat trip from Malta in the summer months – but we decided against it as the seas were a little rough at times in December – and might not have been as enjoyable….Mount Etna seems to be a big attraction on Sicily – did you get to see it?

    1. It really is pretty. That’s exactly what I’d originally planned to do, when I was in Malta before a friend ended up getting married there. I didn’t get to get up close to Mount Etna so will definitely have to tackle that another time but certainly saw it from afar.

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