Group Trip: Malaga, Spain

We do a group trip to a different region in the world every year, every September, for a few years now… ( 29 to be precise!) purely for fun! This year’s destination was Malaga, and when I say group, I mean that in the most honest sense possible, There were roughly 250 of us!

  • Destination: Fuengirola, Malaga, Spain. 
  • Dates: 14th – 21st September 2015 
  • Purpose: FUN! Music and more Fun… 
  • Flight Time: 2 hours 50
  • Airline: Monarch 

I had to share some of the shots I captured on my trust iPhone of where we were situated. After all the sun makes everything look better! 2015-09-13 09.52.21 2015-09-13 09.52.07 2015-09-13 09.52.24 2015-09-13 09.52.03 2015-09-17 09.51.43 2015-09-22 12.28.30 2015-09-22 12.28.24 2015-09-22 12.28.22 2015-09-23 08.26.25 The trip centered in the town of Fuengirola in Costa Del Sol with most people staying at PYR Hotel & Apartments. We arranged a number of activities such as sports day, beach parties, pool party and themed club nights each night, with the off day party for good measure.  We have a number of the best London DJs and a comedian to entertain the group and ensure every bar is stocked with copious amounts of Ciroc, Belvedere, Grey Goose, Smirnoff, Moet Nectar or Ice and Either Remy Martin, Hennessey or Courvoisier! 2015-09-12 15.00.36 2015-09-12 15.21.56 2015-09-12 15.21.49 2015-09-12 15.57.27 2015-09-15 02.34.28 2015-09-16 03.08.01 2015-09-15 02.48.24 2015-09-17 17.43.04 2015-09-21 06.05.53 2015-09-21 06.05.56 Huge thank you to the following people and Venues:  Jean Louis of Old Town, Pipo and Bogarts and his staff. Ramon & Anabel of PYR Hotel, Kokun, Avanto, La Ponderosa Beach and pool venues. This year’s theme nights were: Geeks & Nerds, Military, 70s & 80s Nights, Hawaii Beach Party, All White, Casino Royale 007. Great time had by all… Next year’s destination rumour? *Whispers* Grenada 2016 ! Keep an eye on or if you’d like to become a sponsor for next year’s trip, please use the contact us tab above to get in contact with me.

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