Grenada’s Top Party Venues

Grenada’s Top Party Venues courtesy of RJS Holidays

Every Year, as a hobby, can you believe?! We take people on holiday to a different destination each year. It was a concept my father came up with in 1987 starting with a small group of friends on a trip to Ibiza and each year it has grown. Despite pressures to keep prices affordable despite travel price hikes its been challenging but never stopped everyone attending.

In 2007 my brother and I took the reigns for a younger audience, but in 2016 we brought both groups ( Younger and older) back together. On average we now welcome 250 + party goers each year and have been to countries such as Spain, Portugal, Antigua, Greece, Malta and the Canary Islands and all this just for Sun, Fun and Musical Fantasy.

Our aim is to provide a fun environment in the sun with a massive emphasis on Music.  The trip consists of DJ’s flown in from London to entertain the crowd who fly in for a specific week. We take over clubs for themed club nights each night, Have beach, boat and Pool parties, a sports days and some times a full dress up dinner night where we hand out Oscar Awards and may have a comedian perform, we organise every last detail and move the group from location to location as per the itinerary.

We have been incredibly lucky in the destinations we’ve picked, as many have given us worldwide friends for life in the form of club owners etc who we’ve returned with the group to over the years.

To commemorate 30 years of RJS Holidays, We decided to partner with Stoke Newington Travel ( who provides flight and accommodation packages for the group) and choose this year’s destination to Grenada 2016 in September to try out Grenada’s top party venues

We have drank many an island dry of Hennessey, Veuve Cliquot and Ciroc before and aren’t ashamed to admit it but it has come to an end and RJS was definitely my driving force behind travelling so much. 

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Our job is to ensure people not only have a good time, but that they get involved in the day and night events, which involves us knocking on someone’s door at 11am to ensure they make the coach to sports day, despite getting in from the club at 7am. Team no sleep and perhaps a well mixed drink in tow. People get involved in theme nights and bring an energy that is youthless despite their age! 

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In Grenada this year, we centered the trip in the parish of St George’s, which is close to Maurice Bishop Airport and stayed at the Radisson Grenada Beach Resort situated on Grand Anse Beach. 


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This is a great hotel, with great staff and grounds with a great view of the sunset each evening! 

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For our Day events we used places such as: Coconut Beach Restaurant and Aquarium Restaurant and the Rhum Runner Boat Cruise. 

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2016-09-25 01.30.31 2016-09-24 17.53.35 2016-09-24 13.54.18 2016-09-24 16.59.44 HDR

For our Evening Events we used places such as: Old Skool Pub ( Dr Groomes) , Timbers ( True Blue) , Galaxy and Bananas. 

We want to thank the Grenada Authority Board for their support and the Rum Punch Welcome on the tarmac for the group at the airport. Century 21 for the Rum Punch in the airport! Rivers  ( River Antoine Distillery) Rum Factory for ( yes you guessed it!) the Rum. The Managers / Owners at Coconut Beach, Aquarium, Rhum Runner, Timbers, Galaxy, Bananas, Old Skool and the Radisson Hotel.  I recommend a visit to all. 

Also we want to thank our DJs, REPs, Security & most importantly the party goers that have made the last 30 years of RJS Holidays exactly what it is. Great! 

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To check out any previous photos from the trip, please check out: and 

You can see my last two visits to Grenada here:  May Recce Trip to Grenada and My First Visit to Grenada

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