Day Trip to Stockholm from the UK

Yes, you definitely read right. I met this awesome young lady, Caroline from TravelEatSlay a couple of years ago. She seeks out killer deals on day trips abroad, that give enough time to explore a city and be back in London before midnight. Great option if you are not quite ready to solo travel, but want to go alone with like minded individuals.  I’d seen her go on more than a handful of trips this year and could never make the dates, so when one finally came up for a Saturday, I thought I’d swap a standard Saturday afternoon in Westfield for Sweden instead!

We jumped on an 8:30am flight from Stansted ( I live nowhere near that airport or that side of London, I drove to the airport but others jumped on national expresses to make it for check in time).

I can’t tell you how liberating it is, turning up to the airport with just a handbag. No dramas of weighing up what 100ml liquid you need versus what you can leave, so we whizzed through security.

Our Flight left on time and we landed at Svaksta airport 2 hours and 15 mins later. From here the airport does have a shuttle bus (FlygBussarna)straight into Stockholm which takes 90min and is roughly £25 return.

From here, Caroline had managed to work with the amazing guys at VisitStockholm who gifted us some free Stockholm City Passes, so off we went to explore. Their website is a wealth of knowledge for the city so I definitely recommend you start there. We started with the jump on the hop on / hop off buses with Stromma

Probably useful to know, we exchanged zero money, Stockholm is pretty much cashless, so you can tap away at almost every place, so make sure you are making use of those Monzo / Revolut cards.

I was overjoyed the sun was out if I’m honest, your photos just have that extra bit of oomph!

We visited sites such as the Royal Palace, Kungstradgarden and obviously Gamla Stan. We put in the steps, but also finished off with some Swedish meatballs and a Fika ( Cinnamon Bun) before heading back on the bus back to the airport to catch our flight back home.

Day Trips are a great way to see other cities, especially if the flight is less than two and a half hours. Probably makes a lot of sense to check the transfer time from the airport to the city isn’t huge though, so that you maximise your day as much as possible. Also definitely know what you want to do, mapped out and bring snacks so you don’t really need to sit down to have a big meal for lunch, save that time for dinner! We found it really useful to give ourselves a max time for photos at each site too, so we didn’t waste too much time.

Most importantly, the day trip really gave me a taste of Sweden so now I’d like to come back for a slightly longer period and visit some of the islands, i jussst need to time it right with a bit of sunshine and we’ll be good!

So thank you TravelEatSlay and Visit Stockholm for a lovely day and for making Sweden, Country 30.

Have you been to Sweden before? What’s your favourite city? or must see?

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