5 Reasons to Visit Cape Verde

I am constantly on the search to find places to visit that alot of people don’t know about. In 2012, a friend of ours suggested we check out Cape Verde. I decided to celebrate my 30th birthday here and would not only return back here, but have encouraged people to visit since. I stayed on the island of Sal on my last visit.

These are just 5 reasons to visit the beautiful islands of Cape Verde

The Weather! It’s hot all year round, Cape Verde or Cabo Verde ( known locally) is close to the equator, so can pretty much guarantee sunshine all year round 




The Food is tasty and fresh. Seafood is their speciality and most restaurants I visited allowed me to pick my fish from the tank!Make sure you fall off the beaten track and don’t just eat in the restaurants on your resort! 


The people of Cape verde are warm, friendly and gorgeous! You will leave saying “No Stress” because they will instill this mantra in you! The people are of Creole – Portuguese / African culture and Portuguese is the official language with a creole version spoken locally. 


It’s unspoilt! Before commercialisation turns up in a huge way or anyway, experience it in its realest form as it is now. You must check out the salt baths, where you can float for as long as your heart desires! 




The flight time – It’s only 5 hours flight time from the UK to get to guaranteed sunshine and an hour south from The Canary Islands.Currently Cape Verde is only served by Thomson and Thomas Cook Airways from the UK and Royal Air Maroc, Tap Portugal and Luxair and TAAG.




CapeVerde CapeVerde


 Read more about these beautiful islands here: Cape Verde  and if you need a driver whilst in Sal, Get in touch with me, as I highly recommend Mamadu! 



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