7 Tips to help you book your holiday

Holiday Tips

A lot of people recently have been asking me me how I book my holidays, so here are a few holiday tips I use regularly.

When booking something, I’ll be the first to admit, I become slightly obsessive. Like really! But Research really is the key to not only finding a great deal but picking the RIGHT place for you. 

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I take into consideration a number of factors when picking places on holiday, such as Price, Location, Aesthetics, Time of the Year and Reviews but below are 7 tips you SHOULD use. 

1.Personal Recommendation – Never underestimate the power of word of mouth. There’s nothing better than hearing from someone you know, who stayed somewhere first hand and can not only give you tips but can probably show you “real” photos, not the self styled photos that, naturally, hotels etc will have on their pages. 

2.Bloggers – Almost the same as the above, but you may not necessarily know them! As a blogger myself, there are MANY times when other people’s blogs have given me invaluable information whilst I’ve been on a trip, so find some reputable ones ( Like me obviously! And Subscribe Here!

3.TripAdvisor – Always worth seeing what the Top 10 Hotels are in the area and having a quick skim over why! Though I’d recommend you don’t get toooo drawn in. On average people tend to vocalise when they’ve had a bad experience, more so than when they’ve had a good time, so do bear that in mind. Also one person’s experience may not necessarily be yours. 

4.Online Travel Sites – some of my favourite go – to’s are

I’ve holidayed with all. So compare your fav hotel, with the flights you want, from the airport you want and at the right time, add in a transfer if necessary, then see what the total price is. ( TIP: Most travel sites use cookies, therefore you’ll notice a slight price increase every time you visit the site for a re – quote. Bear this in mind.) 

5.Direct – It’s always worth checking the hotel sites directly, to check if they have any killer deals going. Some of my favourites are; Malmaison, Radisson Blu for example.  Also, the leading airlines like

Check whether any of them have their sales on ( See Virgin sale link above), especially if like me, you have frequent flier miles. ( I’m an Avid collector of Virgin and Emirates Air miles! Remember these can be used towards flights.)


CN Traveller

No really, I’ve subscribed to Conde Nast Traveller and more than a few times have found hotels I’ll definitely be staying in. So keep an eye out for Travel Magazines online or in their physical form. 

7.Google and Instagram  –

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Google your destination or search hashtags to find some stunning photos, but also use it to populate a list of tips or suggestions on where to go and what to do. 

PLEASE Make sure whoever you decide to book with are ABTA/ATOL covered and based in the country you are located in. Don’t be forced into taking up quotes, you aren’t obligated until you make a deposit. Make sure you’re 100% happy with everything, look out to see if there’s any renovation work scheduled or large events, then pay that deposit or pay in full and start that countdown! 

It’s the start of Lerease’s 5 Stages of Holiday 

Then use my guides for 

I hope this helps! Do you have any key tips you employ every time your booking a holiday? Be sure to let me know.

p.s I have used some affiliate links in this post for some of my fav companies, I will only ever use these for places I can vouch for and are a true lover of! 🙂

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