Hand Luggage and Carryon Checking List

Welcome to A Quick Guide to help you pack your Hand Luggage / Carryon when going on a trip. Preparing your Carryon / Hand baggage requires both practicality and “savviness”

So you’ve arranged your suitcase as per my Ultimate Packing Checklist post and you’re now sat looking at your hand luggage.

Before you do anything,

You need to check with the airline you are flying with about their carryon size restrictions. Some airlines differ in their carryon dimensions and baggage restrictions so this is vital info to have. Many have differing max weights, but almost all will say you have to be able to lift your baggage into an overhead locker. Some also don’t allow you to carry a laptop or handbag in addition to this cabin baggage and some carry a maximum weight.


Being the helpful person I am *Wink*, I’ve decided to list some well known airlines Hand Baggage and Luggage allowances for checked in bags also!

Now you need to find a suitable bag that will fit everything in, that you need. Is this complementary to a suitcase? or are you being super travel efficient and flying carryon only?

I found a great little website, that actually allow you to search by Hand Luggage specifically, Travel Luggage and Cabin Bags

Now to fill it!

To Start, you need our Essentials from the Ultimate Packing Checklist. This should be your first port of call to ensure you have all important documents with you.

Then you need to arrange your toiletries. Each item must NOT exceed 100ml, You cannot take a 250ml bottle just because it has 100ml left in it either, it has to be 100ml

For Example in my Hand Luggage I have

TIP: Every time you visit the airport – Pick up spare clear security bags. You’ll always need them. If not, feel free to use freezer bags as alternatives if they zip lock. Put all the above items in the clear bag, the night before and place in your hand luggage. If you use them on the morning of your travel, make sure you don’t get tempted to throw them them anywhere else but back in that clear bag. Keep this bag where you can grab it quickly, so as you approach security and everyone else is taking forever and a day to organise themselves, you can walk straight through.

Other stuff

  • Books / Magazines
  • Shoes and Jewellery ( If you are struggling to keep your suitcase under weight)
  • Face wipes
  • Tissues
  • Glasses ( To give your eyes a rest if you’re a contact lens wearer like me)
  • Brush / Comb
  • Headphones
  • Mints
  • Smart phone / Tablet / MP3 player.
  • One spare change of clothes and Underwear( Trust me if your suitcase doesn’t show up to your destination for whatever reason,  you’ll personally thank me for this!)

If you are ONLY taking hand luggage, these items will also need to be under 100ml and fit in that same clear bag above

( You can see why buying some toiletries in the country your travelling to makes sense when you are Team Carry on)

I just bought most of the following from Boots, so feel free to click the links to go through to their site to see which one I purchased.

Other items to include in your carry on bag

Let me know how you get on. What else do you take in your hand luggage / carry on?

**Please Note: I have used affiliate links to recommend products I like / Love!**

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