10 Tips on how to be a great wedding guest abroad

Although I love to travel to destinations, they aren’t always out of pure wanderlust! On occasions my beautiful friends and family have gotten married in far off lands, which has been a great excuse for me to visit some great places.

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Combined with my day job of Event Management and the need to always be as prepared as possible, I’ve put together a few tips on how to be a great wedding guest abroad. 

  1. Once the wedding dates are confirmed, check whether the bride and groom have negotiated any favourable rates for accommodation first, if not start to get some quotes for package deals and pay a deposit and put together a payment schedule to ensure you’re paid up in time.
  2. Do ask questions in the early stages of planning, then leave the bride and groom to it, so they can get organising, liaising with their event planner or someone they’ve delegated to, to co-ordinate their plans. Many couples tend to have an app or a website dedicated to housing all useful information, to avoid being bombarded, so make sure you check here first.
  3. Check whether there are any other events you need to present for, such as a Pre Wedding or Post Wedding meet up, and ensure you build these into your dates, so you don’t miss out on the important events the couple would like you to take part in.
  4. Ask if it’s a beach wedding or not. It’s crucial to know when choosing footwear to go with your outfit. Heels on Sand can be a REAL problem.
  5. Check the weather in advance, lots of sites can tell you the average expected climate for that time of the year. If it’s hot you’ll want to be in linens and silk, It’s also crucial to know whether it’ll be both inside and outside, so you know what to expect.
  6. Bring a handheld fan, or even an umbrella, put on plenty of SPF and maybe even bring water in a spray bottle, think face mist! You’ll thank me!
  7. Find out if there are any cultural parts of the ceremony, if there is, utilise google and Instagram for ideas about appropriate dress, colours and style and things about the ceremony you maybe required to do or take part in. If you do have to buy outfits, ask the sales staff to point you in the right direction, so they can provide you with an idea on what to expect.
  8. Really think about whether or not to bring that wedding gift with you, Most couples completely maximise their luggage allowance when getting married abroad, so if your gift is likely to take up space, it might be worth you giving it to them before or after.
  9. Always double check the social media rules with the couple! Use the given hashtag for your snaps also. It’s almost always a given that no – one posts the bride before she does, but they may not want you to share a picture of them at all. Usually taking photos of yourself and friends / family are fine, but sometimes ceremony photos and the couple itself can be off – limits, so check with the couple. 
  10. Use your time wisely, on dates where there aren’t any events happening, make sure you get out and explore the country you are visiting, making sure you book anything in advance or find out from your accommodation concierge about upcoming trips you may be able to take.

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Have you been a frequent wedding guest abroad? Can you suggest anything else you think is vital to know when you’ve attended a wedding abroad?

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