London: Lima Fitzrovia

Place: Lima Fitzrovia, Rathbone Place

Area: Soho


Last night, I went to my first ever Peruvian restaurant for a family member’s birthday.

We were a group of 10 and were greeted with smiles and shown to our long table downstairs. The walls were adorned with beautiful photos of a destination I can probably guess is Peru.  I firstly have to say how patient and helpful our waitress was. For newbies to the cuisine, we need explanation galore and recommendations! This was invaluable.

I ordered a MOCHIKA cocktail: Gold Rum, Vanilla, Pineapple, Passion Fruit, Mint, Bitters.  Also what was nice, the tap water was infused with berries and cucumbers, which went down a treat.

We were given Cornbread for the table with a cheese butter and followed by Casava in a little dish. The casava was amazing and I could have easily eaten a plate of those.

 For starters I went for the OCTOPUS OLIVO which was Braised Octopus. Organic White Quinoa. Botija Olive, priced at £14 This is probably the only hot starter on the menu, with most being served cold. It was delicious!

Another one of our table had: ARTICHOKE AMAZONIA which was Artichoke, Radish. Red Potato. Avocado. Passion Fruit. Priced at £9.

For mains, I went for HAKE PLANCHA which was Hake, Corn. Rocoto Pepper. Queso Fresco. Amazonian Cashew. Priced at £20

Others on the table tried PAICHE AMAZONIAN FISH . Which was Fish, Seaweed Brown Butter. Annato. White Kiwicha. Cacao Amazonia.Priced at £24

and: SUCKLING PIG. Giant Corn. Piquillo Pepper. Green Rocoto. Priced at £24

and SEA BASS CHALACA. Olluco Tuber Root. Yellow Aji Emulsion. Avocado Oil. Priced at £22

Everyone had rave reviews to say about their food, the only negative? There wasn’t enough of it.

For Dessert we tried: Alfajores. Dulce de Leche Ice Cream. Chancaca Honey. Priced at £8.50  – I absolutely loved this. Light and Delicious. I’m a big fan of Dulce de Leche.

On average, each it was roughly £55 per head and they brought a birthday treat for the birthday girl which is always a nice touch. I’d recommend this place as they were really accommodating and good with a big group.

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