All Change!

I’ve been missing for probably far too long in blogging terms! And naturally, I felt like an explanation would somehow make sense! Lol – Although I promise you I’ve at least been active on Instagram! 2018-05-28 16.44.28

From January 2018 – ALOT of things changed… 

Firstly I went on an amazing Self Development Class in London, One weekend and then 10 weekly 3 hour seminars. I knew it would impact me in some way, but I had no idea the impact would be felt so fast!  The course is all about transformative learning, dealing with things powerfully from a new view point, and you’d be pretty shocked at how bad our habits of dealing with various things have become! I really do advocate it, if you want more info – ask me! I’m confident it’ll help you, even those of you who say, I know what I’m doing! Whatevs Kid, even the most talented amongst us could do with a transformative hand every now and then. 

A couple of weeks after I finished the course, I got offered a new job, I realised how risk adverse I used to be, yet here was an opportunity for me to finally use all my LereaseTravels expertise combined with my event management expertise and most notably using every contact I have in London, not to mention for a company I’ve always wanted to work for. 

Well I took the job and it’s been five very busy months because I didn’t fully leave my old job, i have however held onto the parts of it, I really enjoyed part time! I am doing somewhat of a juggling act each day, but when have I not been busy?! 

Then comes my biggest challenge, having to be responsible! uh the adult life! …. I’ve had to sacrifice holidays and the odd lavish dinner with doing work on a house I moved into only six months ago. Though I’ve decided I love interior design and could go bankrupt just looking at interiors, I’d much rather be sitting on a beach instead of ToppsTiles – obviously! I mean maybe HomeSense… 

Not going on vacation, specifically on my birthday ( which is June 14th – should you have forgotten!) is probably the biggest alteration I’m struggling with. Does it now mean I have to do something here?! LOL.  My friend and family circle is incredibly huge, mark my words I will be having a quiet one. I’ll be the first to admit, I have no idea what a quiet one looks like, but what i will tell you is, I make a habit of making a big deal out of birthdays, because not everyone is lucky enough to make another year – so there will be a bottle of Veuve Cliquot or Bollinger popping i can assure you. 


So look forward to some London focused things coming your way, it’s probably about time I showed some more love to the city I truly do Love. I’ll see what luxury Lerease can find, whilst being sensible with money! 

2018-05-17 08.45.53

Wish me luck! 











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