Travelling While Working Full Time

One of the difficult jobs in life is constantly juggling what’s important to me. Getting everything done is a daily struggle for most and I am no exception to this rule. Travelling While working full time is no easy feat but for me, a necessary.

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Work Life

I work an intensive full time position in Event Management, with lots of out of hours work, combined with managing a team on a daily basis. I somehow manage to have an active social life, i.e attending birthdays ( it feels like every week at times!Lol) because of a very large and close knit family and friends

I also have an innate need to travel the world and explore absolutely everything it has to offer. I am a true definition of a Wanderlust and I do struggle with this on a daily basis!

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Most people I know lead a very similar life, where we want more hours in the day with less expenses. Getting to every country on an ever growing list but for most, real life takes precedent with travel fitting in where it can.

Travel Life

From a young age my parents encouraged travel, We were never rich, far from it,but my parents saved up and took us away almost every year.Dad would encourage the trips abroad and Mum would encourage the Staycations. I didn’t go on my first non – family holiday until I was 21, but I was never scared and it never phased me. My Dad’s only advice was to not fall out with each other because we were all we had all those miles away! We ventured to Cuba and had an amazing holiday without falling out! ( Thanks Cimone!)

And for the next 13 years, I’d get off one trip and I’d go straight into thinking about the next one, this still happens!

People always make the assumption that those who travel often are rich but travelling doesn’t have to be expensive, you just need to be organised. I put some money away every month in order to afford these trips and I try to pull out of all those nights of endless drinking at bars, nightclubbing, mindless spending on clothes and shoes and instead have vowed to spend money on experiences instead.

Don’t get me wrong, there are occasions in life where shit happens and I get a minor setback, but I always try to stick to my goal.

My research starts and there’s no stopping. I’m the girl with 16 tabs open with Trip Advisor, AirBnB, Hotel Websites all comparing deals, photos and reviews. Then you start on the What to do whilst your there list.

If you’ve been somewhere I’ve never been, I have no less than 50 questions for you. Personal recommendations are some of the best ways for me to see and experience a country.

How Travelling and Working, work for me

Believe it or not, but my Travels encourage me to be more productive at work. Hands down! I have a holiday vision board on my notice board at work, not work related things. Every time I look at a destination I want to go, I work harder, simply because I want to achieve it. I use Inbox Zero at work, so every day I go home with an empty inbox, essential before you go on annual leave.

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I have learnt so much about myself, cultures, countries, people, food and history from getting on a plane. I cannot express how important it is to get out and see the world. My Fellow Nomads are some of the most tolerant, educated and worldly wise people I know and frankly if we had a world full of that sort of energy the possibilities would be endless.

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Are you travelling while working full time? Do you find it an ongoing struggle? Have you given up work for travelling full time? I’d love to hear from you.

Probably the reason why my 5 Stages of going on Holiday resonates!

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