About Me

LereaseTravels is about sharing my travel journey and experiences around the world. To hopefully inspire you to get out and see the world, or just read more about a country’s awesomeness, or, to help you avoid the same mistakes I might have made in various regions around the world!

I’ll be talking about restaurants, accommodation and activities,as well as travel tips and diaries of my visits to countries around the world. I’d also love to hear from YOU about what you’d like me to write about and cover to help you with your travels.

Affordable Luxury is my thing, I work damned hard, so love to find great deals on things that are amazing! I don’t have much time either, so try to maximise my trips as much as possible.

About Me

If there was one thing I enjoyed the most since finding an obsession with Geography at school, it was most certainly getting on a plane and exploring a new place every year….

I was fortunate enough, that My Dad always took the family to interesting destinations far and wide and my Mum always took us on those UK breaks which turned out to be just as interesting despite not coming from a wealthy background, the emphasis was always to see the world around you.

I was born and bred in London, UK to British parents who are of Anglo Indian and Jamaican descent.

My first trip abroad was at the tender age of 4 to the island of Ibiza. ( Yes really) My Dad and Uncles always said that you’d learn more about yourself, life and the world if you get out and see it – and well those words have never left me.

Once my career in Events took off in my early 20s in various destinations around the world, my love for travelling grew with my event experience…

Although I’ve been fortunate enough to visit a few countries… (Yes I possess a map with dots and there aren’t near enough the amount I’d like… Lol) … I only started blogging about my holidays in 2014 and there Lerease Travels was born.

On all my travels, I capture my experiences on my handy iPhone ( And Android for a year!) A lot of pictures can be found on my instagram which is: @lereaseTravels

It has since expanded to include, restaurants and things to do in Cities – as this is now how I spend a large amount of my spare social time.

Here are a list of some of the places i’ve already covered and visited…

My Career background is Marketing, Event & Venue Management, working as a Lifestyle Manager in London now.

Thanks for stopping by and if you’d like me to write a review for your airline, accommodation, hotel, activity, or even restaurant, I’d be more than happy to, please contact me here:

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