The Night I spent with the lights on in Canary Wharf!

In my slight obsession with neon lights and anything shiny, I’m always on the look out for interactive events in London to experience.

2017-01-27 17.56.03.jpg

The Winter Lights Installations and Art Exhibition was no exception to that rule. The Event was organised by Canary Wharf Arts and Events and took place from 16th  – 27th Jan in the evenings, for the obvious reason!

2017-01-27 18.13.13.jpg

2017-01-27 18.15.49.jpg

The event was free and was stretched out across the various places within Canary Wharf with some truly stunning light installations.

2017-01-27 18.24.19.jpg

2017-01-27 18.28.08.jpg

2017-01-27 18.31.58.jpg

It was fun but also challenging using the map given to us, it almost became an orienteering experience and i confess we only got lost once.

2017-01-27 18.53.56.jpg

2017-01-27 18.54.00.jpg

If this event returns in the future, I’d urge you to go and experience it and then treat yourself to a well deserved glass of wine and great food at a number of eateries in the area.

2017-01-27 19.02.02 HDR.jpg

2017-01-27 19.31.25.jpg

2017-01-27 19.33.05.jpg

Here’s a video of my evening out

Have you been to any cool things in London you think I should visit? Did you go to the Winter Lights festival? If so – what did you think?






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