Experience Dolce by Ferrero Rocher, a London pop up. 

With London being the hub of a number of industries, it has seen a recent emergence of the Pop up shop. Temporary stalls / shops and experiences for a limited time where you get to experience something truly unique…

Right up Lerease’s street! 

Yesterday I visited the very latest offering of Dolce by Ferrero Rocher, a special unique dining experience.

We were offered a plate of All the elements of the Ferrero Rocher in a delectable way…. and sat at the Chef’s table. The leaflet given to us said…” Indulge your senses with an exclusive multi – layered dining experience inspired by Ferrero Rocher’s unique combination of tastes and textures. From its roasted hazelnut heart to its glittering gold wrapper, let our decadent mini desserts take you on a delicious tasting journey celebrating what makes Ferrero Rocher so special.”


1: Whole Hazelnut: Celebrating the heart, a whole cocoa – roasted hazelnut wrapped in light praline mousse.

2: Smooth Chocolate: Inspired by the rich, smooth chocolate filling; a chocolate case brimming with silky ganache 

3: Crisp Wafer: Exploring the light, delicate wafer shell: a perfect sphere of ganache rolled in shards of crisp, crunchy wafer. 

4: Hazelnut pieces: Capturing the crunch; a tempered chocolate dome, studded with gently roasted hazelnut pieces. 

5: Golden Sparkle: Paying tribute to the elegant golden wrapper ; soft spun sugar dusted with edible gold glitter. 

As a Ferrero Rocher lover, it was paramount I was there.. 

The #Dolcebyferreroeocher pop up is open until this Sunday ( 11th Dec) 1pm – 10pm and can be found at 21 Slingsby Place, Covent Garden,  London, WC2E 9aB. Tickets sold out quite quickly a few weeks ago but there is an option to queue, but be prepared to wait anything up to two hours if you go at peak times.

If you can’t make it before Sunday, here’s a video of my experience! 


Lerease x

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