Girls Trip to Liverpool

I’ve not been to Liverpool for a few years, but with a friend relocating up there, it was a good time to re – visit with the girls. 

We travelled with Virgin Trains and stayed at The Shankly Hotel, a 7 min walk from Liverpool Lime Street Station. The hotel is part of the Signature Living Group which is a stunning collection of hotels and the restaurant Alma de Cuba, all in Liverpool City Centre. 

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If you are a group, I can’t recommend the Shankly enough! They are big on Space and multiple people, but don’t compromise at all on style! It’s tasteful, it’s stylish and is going to be a memorable stay! The hotel honours the famous footballer and manager, Bill Shankly and also has a stunning tribute in the lobby to the Hillsborough 96.

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Shankly is walking distance to all the city centre has to offer. There is a large number of shops, restaurants and bars in the area to visit. We were also lucky enough to have a tour of some of the suites, which I’ll DEFINITELY be back to try – I mean one has a pool / jacuzzi running throughout the whole room and sleeps 16 people in their own en – suite areas. I’m not sure I want the room at full capacity, but it does have it’s own bar…! 

Make sure you say Hello to our mate Eric, I guarantee you’ll run into him on your trip. He went above and beyond in both helping us, but also entertaining us… Just sing a bit of Luther Vandross for him and you’ve got a friend for Life. 2017-10-25 15.34.47

So naturally we popped to the shops to have a necessary gander! 

2017-10-23 16.42.44 2017-10-23 17.53.27


The next day, we headed to the docks to visit the International Slavery Museum followed by some fish n chips! 

2017-10-24 11.54.00
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That evening, We headed to dinner at our friends house, but headed to Kasper’s for dessert which is conveniently located across the road from the hotel. I’ve got a thing for white chocolate, what can I say! 

2017-10-23 23.05.15

The next day, we took a quick trip up the Radio City Tower, it’s a little difficult to locate where the actual front door is, you sort of have to step out the shopping centre and then up some stairs to find it next to the bus station. They open each day from 10:30 – 5:30pm. Tickets for adults are £5.50 and Kids are £3.50 over the age of 5.  You hop into a lift and travel up 400 feet to the 360 viewing gallery at the top of the building, but is also where Radio City broadcasts live from. So whilst your looking at the stunning cumbrian hills, you can also see the Radio Presenters in their chairs at work… 

2017-10-24 14.42.10 2017-10-24 14.45.16 2017-10-24 14.47.34 HDR 2017-10-24 15.09.31

We had dinner at the Cosy club that night for dinner and drinks, which was Vintage at its best. Had a great meal and some good cocktails. 

2017-10-24 19.51.09 2017-10-24 19.41.28 2017-10-24 19.41.34 2017-10-24 21.30.56 2017-10-24 22.10.40 2017-10-24 22.10.58

I’ll be back to Liverpool soon, It’s necessary to do a Ferry across the Mersey, but I’d also like to visit Anfield and Goodison Park as a keen football fan. Visit Alma De Cuba and of course stay in one of the suites at the Shankly… We also got incredibly lucky with the weather and managed to leave the coats indoors. It’s a diverse city with a lot to offer – so make sure you pay the City of Liverpool soon! 

2017-10-25 12.29.48

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