Attending a traditional Tamil Wedding Ceremony in Mauritius

As part of a wedding I was attending in Mauritius, the bride’s father being Mauritian and Tamil, it felt necessary to include this wonderful culture as part of the wedding proceedings. Here’s what happened when attending a traditional tamil wedding ceremony in Mauritius.

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In preparation for this, we visited Green Street in the East of London and went to Memsaab. We found the material that we wanted and the staff were SO helpful. They invited their tailor, Yusef over and I showed him a picture of what I had envisioned for the evening, he immediately said yes and got to work taking measurements. He was done within a week and these master pieces were our outfits for the evening reception. 

On the day of the wedding, we met at the villas at 5am, for a Saffron ceremony. This is ceremony where both pick a small number of loved ones, to paint them with saffron and complete some other things to warn off bad spirits, the saffron also makes their complexion glow! 

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We took it in turns to wipe their faces with saffron, throw holy water over them and affectionately hit them with the leaves, they are then taken away. I was honoured to be part of it. 

Later on that day, it was time to put on our brightly coloured saree’s with the kind help of our maids at the hotel who pinned us into place and jump on a coach to the temple which was about 35 minutes away. 

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Once inside the temple, we watched the bride and groom arrive in their car and a ceremony for the groom to hand flowers to the bride’s brother and be escorted by his uncle and his family into the temple. We watched as both had streams of family and friends bringing gifts to the couple and placing them on stage, whilst the man leading the ceremony chanted and talked them through putting different things in place. They then wash the feet of their parents and are joined together. Everyone else can now go up and kiss them and place the flowers up as a show of approval to the watching audience. 

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After the ceremony ended, I popped on my trainers ( I had it on VERY good authority that they would be useful) to walk up 500 steps above the temple to a gorgeous view point, boy was I out of breath, but it was well worth it! 

2017-04-02 15.19.10

2017-04-02 15.23.18 2017-04-02 15.25.30 2017-04-02 15.52.34

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Once we walked back down and jumped onto the coaches we all went home for an hour, and got changed ready for the evening ceremony in Domaine Wolmar. The couple entered to traditional creole dancing, music and singing which got everyone smiling. We ate food, danced the night away, listened to some speeches, and commemorated midnight with an amazing fireworks display, which was beautiful. 

2017-04-03 23.06.15 2017-04-03 23.06.19 2017-04-03 23.05.58 2017-04-02 18.38.09

It was great to look around the room and see EVERYone make an effort to dress up in traditional clothes, be open minded and enjoy this ceremony. We really enjoyed the day and was honoured to be a part of it, if you get a chance to ever experience this, Do It! Read more about my stay in Mauritius and How to be a great wedding guest abroad

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