Morocco Girl’s Trip

  • Country: Morocco
  • Month of Travel: August
  • Airline: British Airways
  • Flight Time: 3hours 35 mins
  • Currency: Moroccan Dirham (MAD) 
  • Language: Arabic
  • Group: 9 people
  • Weather: HOT – 39 Degrees Hot… 
  • Plug: 2 Pin European

My 26th country was a brief break away to the country of Morocco situated in North Africa. 

2017-08-13 13.23.19

The girls wanted a place to somehow combine warm weather, culture and good food, a bit of relaxation thrown in and the opportunity to party… 

The 9 of us headed out with British Airways on the short flight to Morocco’s main airport, the currency here is Moroccan Dirhams but they also accept Euros. 

We stayed at the Sirayane Boutique Hotel and Space, located in Menara so outside of the city, but a 30 min drive from the airport. 

2017-08-13 13.53.36

2017-08-13 13.59.34

Sirayane’s reception transports you into a gorgeous traditional riad feel, opening up into the courtyard where the main part of the hotel is. 

2017-08-13 14.23.47

It’s a hotel with only 28 rooms. If tranquility and relaxation is what you want, this hotel will most definitely provide this for you! I did find both service to be very slow and also a complete lack of change when paying in cash ( this wasn’t hotel specific… ) 

2017-08-13 14.24.44

The hotel is very quiet, for a group of girls probably toooo quiet, so bare this in mind if you aren’t a couple looking for that or perhaps just take over the whole hotel… Lol. 

2017-08-13 14.29.54 2017-08-13 14.31.02

2017-08-13 15.27.31-1

2017-08-14 08.42.39

We spent one of the girl’s birthdays at Fiesta Beach Club in Marrakech City. For 500 Dirhams each this provided beds, towels and a credit of that amount towards food or drinks. Combine this with a great pool area and a DJ and this became a great recipe for a very good day indeed! 

2017-08-14 13.52.42 2017-08-14 13.51.03

2017-08-14 19.33.48 HDR2017-08-14 13.28.40 HDR

2017-08-14 20.09.11


During our short stay, we headed to the infamous DJemaa el – Fna  Square. It’s the main market square and is home to traditional food trucks and the world famous souks, team this with snake charmers and offers of henna, it really does come alive at night. This is probably a good place to find a local restaurant and try a traditional tagine – either chicken, lamb or seafood! They are delicious! 

2017-08-15 20.00.32

2017-08-16 20.58.24

2017-08-15 20.16.28 copy

The square is incredibly busy, some of the locals can be a little pushy but just firmly and politely decline and they’ll get the message whilst entering into some banter, once they work out where you’re from! Be prepared to get called every celebrity you may even remotely NOT look like. 

The next day we headed to the 555 club and to our shock, it was free entry for ladies and free drinks all night for the Ladies. The DJ was great and we stayed there for the evening, there are tables you can pre – book with purchase of bottles if you really don’t want to go the free drink route! 

2017-08-17 03.19.48 2017-08-17 03.19.50

I didn’t really get to experience what Morocco truly had to offer because of the short nature of the trip, but also because we weren’t on a particular exploratory trip, so I’ll definitely be back to stay in a gorgeous riad and experience what it really has to offer. 

2017-08-15 09.06.15

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