London & Hertfordshire: Summer Brunches, Dinners and Cocktails

In August,  We headed up to St Alban’s and checked into the Premier Inn – Great service! A basic hotel but a newly built one. 2015-08-28 15.42.52 2015-08-28 15.52.28 2015-08-28 15.52.31 We got a taxi a few minutes round the corner to Local Bar – Mokoko’s. A gorgeous little bar with an impressive garden space that hosts Cocktail Masterclass groups. For £60 each – we had a host show us how to make Mojito’s and Cosmopolitans and then got a chance to all have a go at making these, and of course, drinking them! We were then given the opportunity to come up with our cocktail in groups – which were made by the staff and then judged. The Winning cocktail was then added to the menu for people to order in the future! We had a large platter of food, cupcakes and a couple bottles of champagne. Bargain! Great night had by all. 2015-08-28 17.54.09 2015-08-28 17.54.03 2015-08-28 17.58.16 2015-08-28 17.56.14 2015-08-28 17.56.35 2015-08-28 20.03.39 To Kick of September, We had a friend travelling from America to London for a few days – so I put an itinerary together for her evenings with a great mix of things to do. We started off at Vinopolis for a Wine – tasting experience. You get an insight into how to taste, smell and learn what wine should / can look like and then taken into the tasting zones. You can complete some surveys and based on your tastes, they can suggest which type of wines you may like, i.e light and delicate or rounded and ripe. You are given a card loaded up with tokens and you use these to taste the wines / champagnes / Gin and Absinthe you want to try. Depending on what deal you go for, the card will come pre – loaded or you can load as many tokens on it as you required.  Please note: After 16 years this amazing establishment will close on December 31st 2015 – so make sure you book asap! 2015-09-02 19.30.36 2015-09-02 19.57.28 2015-09-02 20.25.03 2015-09-02 20.21.18 2015-09-02 20.13.02 2015-09-02 20.11.36 2015-09-02 20.11.27 The day after we headed to Inamo – Wardour Street – Soho. This innovative restaurant allows you to order your food and drinks ( and even order your bill) from your table, with a touch screen facility, showing you a picture of everything you choose and then sending your order to the kitchen. Best thing? While you wait – you get to play games alone or against the person you sit opposite! Food was great! I’ll definitely be back in the future. A cocktail, two starters and a main dish for £44. 2015-09-03 20.42.23 2015-09-03 20.42.21 2015-09-03 20.33.44 2015-09-03 20.01.24 2015-09-03 19.51.00 2015-09-03 19.45.39 2015-09-03 19.37.20 2015-09-03 19.18.552015-09-03 19.18.50 We finished Friday by heading to a London pop up – Storey’s. Which is based on the former site of the BBC TV station at White City above the car park. A great chill out place with plenty of seating and a choice of different food places and two bars serving a number of cocktails / beers etc. Free entry to get in and although was going to end in September, after being open the whole summer – is now being extended till October! I really wish I had made this visit in the warmer months, hoping it continues. Some of our group spoke to the lovely manager also – I’d love to see a “sweet” stall in some form as well! We had to pop to Westfield for dessert on this occasion. 2015-09-04 19.42.18 2015-09-04 18.52.422015-09-04 18.52.382015-09-04 18.53.08 2015-09-04 18.52.572015-09-04 18.52.42  2015-09-04 20.20.28

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