8 Restaurants you should try in London

If you’re in or visiting the city of London anytime soon and like me, enjoy GOOD food, there are a number of great places to visit for special occasions, some of which are in some stunning surroundings, be warned some AIN’T cheap but some have deals you may find on their respective websites, so do have a look around before booking.

  1. Sushi Samba ( Brasilian / Japanese food which looks stunning! Read my review here)


2. Bob Bob Ricard  ( You must want Champagne, so you can press the button! but you also must admire the orient express – esq style!) 2016-01-16 17.52.47 2016-01-16 16.35.18

3. Sketch ( There are a number of rooms that have COMPLETELY different looks, but a trip to the TOILETS is an absolute must! The ode to Art & Style is absolutely everywhere. Read my review here) 2015-02-01 18.36.53 2015-02-01 18.01.27

4.STK ( One of the best steakhouses in London, You almost expect there to be a dancefloor somewhere, but there really isn’t. Great to go with the girls, or with the guys… 2014-01-31 21.30.46 2014-01-31 19.11.34

5.Hawksmoor 2015-06-04 19.05.12 2015-06-04 18.36.20

6.The Landmark ( Where I spent this year’s Valentines at their Sunday’s Champagne Brunch… but have been there for Lunch also.) 2016-02-15 16.31.24 2016-02-14 16.54.55

7. Inamo Soho ( Completely for the concept of ordering your food and drinks from an interactive table and play games on whilst your waiting! Read my review here)

2015-09-03 19.18.59 2015-09-03 19.41.22

and finally No.8  – Although affordable luxury is our thing, this place is THEEE cheapest place with the most consistent great food. I have personally been visiting this restaurant since the 90’s and I’ve never been disappointed, so as much as I try to keep this place secret with its fab price of £11 for a 3 course meal, yes 3 courses! It’s Little Bay in Kilburn, they do have other branches in Farringdon and South Croydon, but Kilburn is my trusted all time favourite.

2015-12-11 17.11.00 2015-12-11 15.51.19  

If you do one thing this year, spoil yourself and try one of the above out with your partner or circle of friends. Restaurants 1- 4, actually have branches in other countries, so consider those when travelling. Have you tried any of the above? What was your experience like? Feel free to comment below or hit those social media share buttons on the left and make some recommendations to friends.    

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